The 2017 national roadshow Jinan Station of Zhike

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Zhike communication 2017 national roadshow Jinan Station successfully concluded

Zhike communication 2017 national roadshow - Jinan Station was grandly opened at joy Oriental Hotel in Jinan on the afternoon of September 6, 2017. This conference was hosted by Zhike communication and co organized by Qingdao noboa. At the same time, it was strongly supported and co organized by six well-known IP communication equipment manufacturers in China, including Xiamen Yilian, Hangzhou Sanhui information, Beijing Zhizhen Xintong, Shanghai jiuxiao Xiangyun Shenzhen Yizheng Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Beien Technology Co., Ltd. gathered more than 100 elites from the IP communication industry in Shandong Province to share the IP communication technology and market development direction

one corner of the venue

one corner of the booth

this conference, Zhike communication brought coovox series IPPBX, SIP broadcast equipment, FXS extension box to the guests for on-site demonstration and experience. Other co organizers also set up booth experience areas to attract participants to stop and listen to learning

Zhike communication booth

at the beginning of the conference, Zhong Yidong, general manager of Qingdao norboxin, Shandong general representative of Zhike communication, delivered a speech. Zhong Yidong shared the future development trend of the industry from the perspective of technology development and market, saying that Zhike communication products will serve more industry customers in Shandong in the future. I hope you will pay more attention to and support Zhike communication IP integrated communication equipment

Zhong Yidong, general manager of Qingdao noboyaxin

then Zhike communication and some co sponsors gave a speech. Li Yan, deputy general manager of Zhike communication, gave a keynote speech on working together with Zhike communication - win-win IP communication market, focusing on sharing the current industrial application solutions and hotel application solutions of the company's products based on SaaS model. The guests from other co organizers shared their products, solutions and future development direction of IP communication, which was highly recognized by the participants and won bursts of applause from the guests

the deputy general manager of Zhike communication is difficult to form a large-scale use of Li Yan to work with Zhike communication to win-win IP communication market

billion to contact the regional manager of China, Li prize, focus on win-win

the evolution of Xiong mountaineering technology, manager of Hangzhou Sanhui information marketing department, is the direct driving force to promote enterprise communication

zhuhuilong, North China Sales Director of Beijing Zhizhen information, China Zhizao innovation and win-win

jiuxiao Xiangyun CEO Jia Leng Yi Le like marketing application help Li Juwen, the regional manager of Yizheng technology, Li Juwen, the SIM data flow distribution platform of cloud, Zhike communication, in order to better feed back the attention and support of on-site guests, set up three rounds of lottery links on site

third prize

second prize

there is still a large market space for the development of the extruder industry

first prize

group photo of the co organizers

this conference has been a complete success. Thank new and old customers for their attention and support to Zhike communication. In the future, Zhike communication will work together to reduce costs in all aspects, such as raw materials, tooling, technology, production cycle, and win-win IP communication market

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