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Sunriver intelligent 2019 excavator dealers' annual meeting was successfully held

Sunriver intelligent 2019 excavator dealers' annual meeting was successfully held

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"in 2019, the domestic sales volume of Sunriver excavator increased by 54% year-on-year, and the market ranking rose by 1." On December 28, Shanhe intelligent announced this data at the 2019 annual excavator dealers' annual meeting, which encouraged the on-site dealers

2. Equipment measurement, fault cohesion, innovation, development and win-win

more than 200 people attended the meeting, including xiazhihong, executive general manager of Shanhe intelligent, Zhang Daqing, Zhu Jianxin, Huang Zhixiong, long Jucai, deputy general managers, Ms. Yi Yuxin, senior consultant and other middle and high-level cadres, as well as the majority of dealers. With the theme of "cohesion, innovation, development, win-win", the meeting comprehensively analyzed the current situation of the excavator industry and the excavator business operation of Shanhe intelligent in the past year, And pointed out the direction for business development in 2020. In 2019, Shanhe intelligent thoroughly implemented the "survival way of Shanhe intelligent excavator" proposed by chairman he Qinghua, and used the power of the whole company to develop and expand the excavator industry, focusing on cultivating a number of professional, franchise and large-scale honest dealers. In 2020, Shanhe intelligence will strengthen its support for dealers by promoting informatization, improving the level of refined management of dealers, increasing service investment, promoting industrial upgrading and a series of measures

at the meeting, Zhou Jieqi, deputy general manager of Shanhe intelligent excavator business department, made a report on the excavator business. He explained the market dynamics of the excavator industry in 2019, the operation status of Shanhe excavator market, and the work deployment and objectives in 2020

fanzhengrong, deputy general manager of Shanhe intelligent excavator business department, made a technical sharing, and he Meng, director of quality management department, made a work quality management report. The two men respectively summarized the technical highlights and quality management of Shanhe intelligent 2019 excavator

in addition, the excavator dealers' annual meeting also commended outstanding dealers and sales elites in 2019. Zhou Jieqi, on behalf of Shanhe intelligence, signed 2020 target certificates with 34 dealers

"as long as the dealer friends are down-to-earth, operate in good faith, have firm confidence and work hard in the thinking of win-win cooperation and long-term development with the factory, we will be able to break through the tight encirclement from the fierce competition and push our common excavator business forward! We will contribute to the development of China's construction machinery industry!" Long Jucai, deputy general manager of Shanhe intelligence, said firmly

"I hope you will firmly maintain your confidence in Shanhe's technology and products, strengthen your confidence in making Shanhe excavators, cooperate with manufacturers, share risks, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, strengthen basic management, improve market share and per capita efficiency, and turn Shanhe's leading innovation ability and technical advantages into market advantages. Then we will meet the test specifications and become a leader in the industry." Long Jucai said that mountains and rivers will not expand blindly, and what they pursue must be rational growth. In the face of the complex and volatile market environment, Shanhe will strengthen its internal skills, adhere to technological innovation, constantly improve quality, constantly reduce cost and increase efficiency, constantly strengthen the brand, and constantly strengthen the construction of marketing ability, so as to ensure that the material produced by the company's excavator has higher impact strength and can withstand the sustained and healthy development of the high heat deformation temperature industry under load

"as an important link in the channel chain from the enterprise to the terminal sales, dealers play a great role in the market. Under the new situation, facing the wave of channel flattening and the test of new channel forces, dealers should take the initiative to make adaptive adjustments in business development strategies, and meet the opportunities and challenges of the new year with the best state." Xiazhihong, executive general manager of Shanhe intelligent, said in his speech that as one of the top 20 excavator enterprises in the world, Shanhe intelligent officially opened a vast product development road as a national brand in 2001, marked by the offline swe42 excavator. Now it has a full range of micro, small, medium and large products covering 0.8~90 tons. It is worth mentioning that as early as 2004, sunward excavators have officially entered the European market. Today, the local market has exceeded 10000 units

"if Shanhe intelligent excavator can defeat many competitors and successfully establish a foothold in the high-end market by discussing with customers the most innovative packaging shapes, materials and design processes in Europe, it should have a corresponding market position in the domestic market." Xia Zhihong said that 2020 is the starting year and the year of consolidating the foundation for Shanhe to achieve three-year development. The company will give greater assistance and support to dealers, and work together to make Shanhe excavator enter the Wantai club as soon as possible, helping to achieve the grand goal of the company's three-year development

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