The 2019 annual pavement machinery business confer

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The 2019 annual road machinery business conference of Degong is about to be held.

the 2019 annual road machinery business conference of Degong is about to be held.

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the annual road machinery business conference of Degong will be held in Yanggu micro row International Hotel on February 25th, 2019. Please don't use this equipment for the purpose other than the specified tests and materials of the circular specimen of the corrosion friction and wear tester, The theme of this annual meeting is "new platform and new leap", which is the annual business meeting of large-scale pavement machinery products held by Degong since it joined Shandong heavy industry group. All employees of the company sincerely welcome new and old friends from all walks of life to visit and patronize

Degong 700n cold regenerator

Degong 550n cold regenerator

dgl460 cold regenerator

Degong psj400 crusher

the pavement machinery products exhibited at this annual meeting include eight products in two major series: dgl460, dgl550n, dgl700n series asphalt pavement cold regenerator and psj400 cement pavement crusher, including 500N cold regenerator and 700n cold regenerator, It has won the 2017 "user favorite product" award and the 2018 "user satisfied product" award selected by the China Construction Machinery Association. With 16 years of professional cold regeneration R & D and manufacturing strength, Degong has won the reputation and trust of more and more users

judegong, a total development plan

in 2018, Degong joined Shandong heavy industry group, and the new platform led to the new development of the company. Under the guidance of the group's strategic planning and the "Four Unifications" development plan, the company has launched a series of activities of reform, innovation and leapfrog development: it has unified the R & D standards with Shantui, planned the "type, version and model" of loaders, and formed nine 18 version series products. We carried out comprehensive optimization, upgrading and innovative research and development of pavement machinery products, and further optimized the dgl700n cold regenerator, developed dgl700n3 cold regenerator, developed dgl460 and dgl550n National IV models with the help of the group's power resource advantages, and completed the development planning and overall layout of dgl800n cold regenerator. To realize the obvious advantage of replacing wood with plastic "customer satisfaction is our purpose", Degong insists on meeting the needs of users, constantly optimizing innovative products, continuously improving product quality, and striving to provide customers with better products and construction solutions

"the golden pig celebrates the new year and all things are good, and the German workers are happy to gather for industrial prosperity". All employees of the German workers sincerely welcome new and old friends from all walks of life to visit and visit, gather together with the German workers, and plan for development. Reinvention is still in the stage of process experiments, and its industry is brilliant

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