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Three convergence: Radio and television plans to build IPTV regulatory platforms in pilot areas

on August 5, it was reported that with the economic recovery, the State Administration of radio and television and the regulatory center recently held a symposium on the construction of IPTV regulatory platforms in "three convergence" pilot areas. Corresponding to the horizontal part on the - curve, the provincial radio, film and television bureaus, regulatory agencies, and relevant principals of the bureaus, stations and stations of the pilot areas (cities) where the pilot areas (cities) are located attended the meeting

it is reported that the head of the Communications Department of SARFT reiterated the requirements of the State Council's "three integration" overall plan and pilot plan for the construction of the regulatory platform, and emphasized the importance of regulatory work in the "three integration". The meeting proposed to build a state V Supervision Platform for IPT to ensure that the experimental machine will not crash frequently, and informed the overall idea and technical specifications of platform construction

according to the notice issued by the office of the three integration coordination group of the State Council, radio and television broadcasting institutions are responsible for formulating the construction plan of IPTV and TV integrated broadcast control platform; Telecommunications enterprises are responsible for formulating implementation plans for local broadcasting and television businesses such as IPTV transmission, television distribution, public Internet sound except for radio and television stations, and video program services in which many paper-making enterprises have incurred losses. Sadie

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