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The future output value of the mold industry alliance in the three northeast provinces may reach 10 billion

recently, the mold industry associations of the three northeast provinces and four cities jointly held a conference on regional cooperation and development and experience exchange, which became the theme of the conference to carry out regional cooperation and revitalize the northeast industrial economy

although Zhang Baihui, the Secretary General of Changchun Mold Industry Association, will not be eliminated, Ling introduced to Luo Baihui, the head of the International Mold Association that the mold industry in Jilin Province has developed rapidly and some core technologies are internationally leading, but on the whole, the development is still uneven. When conditions permit, in the field of plastic mold and die-casting mold with more civilian use, it is far behind the developed southern provinces, with scattered enterprises, weak collaboration, and a shortage of high-end talents Disorderly competition has affected the healthy development of the industry. In the future, the three northeastern provinces will build a mold industry alliance, use the regional platform to realize resource information sharing and intensive alliance development, form an industrial linkage mode, based on the country and seize the international market

the automobile industry can help the Northeast 218 steel skylight experiment range to expand correspondingly, and the demand for the upper hanging steel skylight mold can reach 10 billion yuan

information from Changchun mold industry association shows that with the further development of equipment manufacturing industry, Northeast China has a strong demand for mold and other supporting products. According to Secretary General Zhang Ling, taking Changchun as an example, at present, relying on large enterprises such as FAW and Changke, the city's annual mold demand reaches nearly 2billion yuan, directly driving the added value of products to about 10 billion yuan. Due to the small number of mold production enterprises in Jilin Province and even the northeast region, there is no industrial chain. Many auto parts enterprises in Changchun need to go to south to produce mold standard parts, electromechanical and other supporting products, which hinders the formation of industrial clusters to a certain extent. The three northeastern provinces plan to rely on the advantages of industrial resources to attract the mold industry "South capital to the north". In the next three years, Changchun railway passenger car plans to form a production capacity of 800 Railway Multiple Units and 800 urban rail passenger cars, realize an output value of 10 billion yuan, and move forward to a world-class railway passenger car manufacturing center. Luo Baihui said that this will create a good opportunity for the development of northeast mold industry and auto parts industry

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