The hottest Reza 25x5 crane made a shocking debut

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Reza 25x5 crane made a shocking debut at the Beijing auto show

Reza 25x5 crane made a shocking debut at the Beijing auto show

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in April, 2018, the new product launch of Reza heavy machinery at the 2018 Beijing auto show with the theme of "super quality starts the future" was officially held at the Beijing International Auto Show

"the first brand in the Fifth Five Year Plan" Reza heavy machinery grandly launched the first super product of super heavy machinery - 25x5 super crane with the heart of craftsman. This super product perfectly illustrates the three innovative principles of energy conservation and economy, intelligent interconnection, and high efficiency and reliability, which are often used in aerospace utilization, and will become the leader of the super heavy aircraft strategy

wonderful moments

exhibition site - Foton auto booth

the atmosphere at the exhibition site was warm

the first appearance of Reza 25x5 crane

at the press conference, Gong yueqiong, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Foton auto group, deputy general manager of Foton auto group Mr. Yang Guotao, President of Reza heavy machinery division, and the working principle and advantages of the mechanical performance testing machine of the super heavy machinery alliance. The advantages of the mechanical performance testing machine. The application of this kind of experimental property can make the strength and stiffness of the tested data affirmed. Leaders such as Mr. Yang Guotao jointly witnessed the birth of the 25x5 super crane. This means that the first product of Reza super heavy machinery strategy is officially launched, just like the spring breeze blowing on the face, spreading the hope of spring for China's construction machinery industry

Gong yueqiong, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of Foton automobile group, Mr. Yang Guotao, President of Reza Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., the leader of the management team and Mr. Miao Xichao, general manager of Beijing Zhongpu, took a group photo in front of the new product

Reza 25x5 crane is a comprehensive upgrade and transformation based on the original product. With the national R & D center of Foton automobile group as the core, it forms a super alliance with Daimler and Foton German engineering machinery research institute. The whole vehicle technology is developed in Germany and has reached the verification level of relevant EU standards. Officially listed in China in 2018, it will achieve the goal of serving the world in the future

from the appearance, it is white and green, with blue stripes between them. The 25x5 super crane is simple in color and majestic in shape, just like the "super giant" of urban construction

internally, the 25x5 super crane has reached the industry-leading level in terms of lifting performance, safety performance and fuel consumption control. At the same time, the intelligent control is comprehensively optimized, which greatly reduces the operation intensity and turns the heavy operation into a pleasant intelligent experience

ingenuity to create the "five advantages" of the industry

larger, longer, more energy-saving, smarter, better trafficability and many other highlights will help the 25x5 super crane stand out and become the industry leader

it has "infinite force", and the maximum lifting torque is 1213kn m. The lifting performance is significantly leading, ranking first in the industry. The 25x5 super crane has a five section main boom of 43M, which is 1.8m longer than the main boom of 25q5 (L9 Series), the first in the industry. The increase of every inch symbolizes the determination of Reza heavy machinery to innovate itself and take the lead in an all-round way

energy saving is an important trend for the sustainable development of the automotive industry. It adopts the variable displacement pump hydraulic control system and the industry's first i-econ energy-saving technology, so that the engine always automatically matches the most fuel-efficient speed, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of operation is 15% less than that of the same level configuration. Importantly, it is not affected by the user's subjective operation. No matter how the user's operation strength changes, the engine is always in the most fuel-efficient state

at present, intelligence has increasingly become the standard configuration of the automotive industry. The intelligent handle of 25x5 super crane integrates "action + throttle", which eliminates the need for foot control pedals and greatly reduces the operation intensity

in addition, its unique all-round safety protection system ensures the safety of operation and driving

it can be predicted that the 25x5 super crane will be favored and recognized by more global medium and high-end machinery users with the highlight of "five advantages"

logistics support of all-round "housekeeper service"

in order to do a good job in the after-sales service support of mixer truck, pump truck, crane and other products, Reza heavy machinery provides customers with full process, all-round and all-weather "housekeeper service". Reza Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. launched the first free warranty, providing a 3-year ultra long warranty of chassis + top. This service allows customers to save 30000 yuan in maintenance costs; In addition, it has also launched full life cycle service products with unique characteristics, such as carrying out stop service, providing free scheduled maintenance service for pump trucks, vehicle delivery training, and increasing stop follow-up service

Reza heavy machinery gives users a limited time commitment, that is, general faults are repaired in 4 hours, major faults are repaired in 24 hours, and difficult faults are repaired in 7 days. At the same time, for the shutdown caused by the fault caused by quality and not repaired within the specified time, Reza heavy machinery promises to stop and compensate, such as 3000 yuan for the pump truck above 52 meters (including 52 meters) and 2000 yuan for the pump truck below 52 meters; 500 yuan for mixer truck; Crane 1500 yuan. This is the most simple and considerate commitment provided by Reza heavy machinery to users

in addition, Reza heavy machinery provides users with an integrated overall solution, which not only provides a complete set of concrete equipment with integrated design and manufacturing, but also provides integrated after-sales service, maintenance, use training, finance and other high-quality services

rely on the "the Belt and Road" to go abroad and create a new image of a world-renowned brand

relying on the strong strength of Foton Automotive Group, Foton Daimler and Foton Cummins, Reza Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has contributed to the construction of national key projects such as the world's largest airport, Beijing New International Airport, APEC, Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway, etc. In 2018, Reza heavy machinery was also put into the construction of venues for the Beijing Winter Olympics

with sufficient experience in serving the construction of large-scale projects, Reza heavy machinery will also undertake the important tasks of large-scale projects at home and abroad and the "the Belt and Road" project, how to combine domestic and foreign top industrial technologies for China's construction machinery to achieve independent innovation, and how to set a standard for better "going global" and frequently show the pole of "high-speed rail diplomacy"

taking advantage of the spring breeze of 2025 in the use of made in China in concrete and relying on the strategic opportunity of national construction along the "the Belt and Road", 25x5 super crane, such as the hope of spring sowing, will become the leader in the industry

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