Crossland Yongxin company launched semi-automatic

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Croland Yongxin company launched semi-automatic flattening die-cutting machine

in order to improve the existing product family, croland Yongxin company launched a new size of semi-automatic flattening die-cutting machine. Yt-sa 2500 type flat press die-cutting machine can process paperboard with the maximum size of mm, so it has become one of the largest flat press die-cutting machines in the market. This machine can process many different types of cardboard, from micro corrugated to five layer corrugated cardboard. Due to the great success of the manual feeding flat press die-cutting machine of similar size in the corrugated board and display shelf industry, cross land VK company and South Korea Yongxin company decided to expand the market of semi-automatic flat press die-cutting machine that can process large-size paperboard in addition to specific requirements for control methods early last year. In addition, the paper feeding process of the semi-automatic flattening die-cutting machine is completed by the machine, so the labor intensity of the operators is greatly reduced. What the operator does is just push the cardboard forward to the paper feeding teeth, rather than the two steps that the operator must complete like the manual die-cutting machine. Another feature of this machine is that it can be assembled and put into production in two days

the first machine of this model this year 24. The reverse zigzag experiment drives the high-precision ball screw rotating machine to place the rocker arm in the vertical position and install it in the querioplas carton factory in Lisbon, Portugal. This carton factory specializes in producing display racks made of large-size corrugated materials, and is the top manufacturer in Portugal in this field. The second machine is from GA, England. It just takes the sample to Simpson group of teshead for laboratory use when doing the experiment, so that the group can complete the die-cutting processing of printed cardboard of the same size

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