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Rexam has made a breakthrough in the packaging of foam hand sanitizer pump cover

the translucent waterproof wrt4 foam pump cover launched by Rexam has been applied to the method foam hand sanitizer packaging designed by Karim Rashid, and has been promoted nationwide

Karim Rashid is an internationally renowned designer. His packaging design is famous for its rounded lines and sensibility. The works of this design master have been displayed in the internationally renowned art museum for many times

in the packaging design industry, more and more attention is paid to fashion. The jet pump cover just caters to this trend. The packaging design with fashion elements improves the visual value of products, making 11 deformation resolution 0.001mm daily necessities into the ranks of fashion products

from September 12 to 14 this year, at the 14th HbA health and beauty products annual exhibition held in New York, which urgently needs the attention of China's relevant export enterprises, American method company will display a series of foam hand sanitizer products on booth 1915

the daily necessities and personal care products launched by method are very popular in the mass market. The new hand sanitizer is packaged in PET plastic bottles. How to operate the bending tester? 300ml. The initials "m" of the company name are impressively printed on the bottle. The bottle cap adopts waterproof wrt4 instantaneous foam pump. This hand sanitizer currently has three flavor products, namely, Eucalyptus mint flavor, sugar water flavor and green tea with aloe flavor

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