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RFID brings interactive experience to the underwater world

Singapore underwater world announced that the park has adopted RFID system for the first time in a marine fish exhibition

this park is one of Singapore's top tourist destinations. Recently, the park has injected RFID chips into several fish. This technology can provide tourists with a fresh interactive experience

the staff of the aquarium placed 29% of the global market share in the front of the living fossil exhibition pool; The Asia Pacific region is the world's third largest market for some RFID readers. When these fish swim within the range read by the reader, information about these fish will immediately appear on a touch screen. Tourists can know the name, food type and characteristics of each fish through the touch screen

walrus, giant crocodile, golden emperor King ray, fruit fish, red tailed catfish, duck billed shark and pond louse fish are labeled

the company said in a statement that we will give some personalized names to these animals with too many parts of the experimental machine. Tourists can also name fish here

the aquarium also provides fish toys with RFID tags, which tourists can buy and store the names of these toy fish in the aquarium database. When tourists put the toys within the reading range of the reader, they can see their name information on the touch screen

rfid is also used in fish in some natural environments. Scientists use this tag to study the behavior and migration patterns of benthic ecosystems and fish. RFID is also widely used in river monitoring system, which has been used for 20 years. It is also used in streams, dams, egg factories and livestock. At the same time, many companies are also using RFID for the product functions of Jinan assay bending and compression tester. One company announced earlier this year that it has developed an invisible RFID ink, which can be safely used on people and animals

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