Crownlager beer packed in aluminum bottles is the

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Crown lager beer packaged in aluminum bottles

adapted to the market demand and launched aluminum bottle packaging

Foster's crown lager beer is the best-selling beer in Australia. Since the brand was born in 1953, it has been packaged in a 375 ml glass bottle with Rieger's experimental machine as an example

in recent years, foster has been observing the development of aluminum bottles in the North American market. Just before Christmas in 2005, the company's decision-makers believed that it was time to launch an aluminum bottle beer packaging in the Australian market

Paul Gloucester, consumer solutions manager of foster Australia, said: "we think it is appropriate to launch this aluminum bottle packed crown lager beer at such an opportunity. In the Australian summer sunshine, when the climax of Christmas and New Year holidays comes, we hope to introduce our crown lager premium beer to consumers through this unique new packaging."

many advantages favor aluminum bottle packaging

bill Barker, President and CEO of Rexam beverage can Americas, once pointed out that "no form of high-capacity packaging container can be comparable with aluminum bottles to avoid damaging the jaw ruler economy. With aluminum cans and bottles, product distribution and warehouse management expenses will be greatly reduced, and the filling speed will be greatly improved."

compared with pet or glass bottles, aluminum bottles have many advantages. Due to the good sealing performance of aluminum bottles, using aluminum bottle packaging will obtain a longer shelf life; Due to the chemical characteristics of aluminum, the beer in the aluminum bottle can be quickly cooled in the refrigerator; Due to the physical characteristics of aluminum, the recycling efficiency of aluminum bottles should be high, and it is not easy to ensure that it is higher than PET bottles and glass bottles

in addition, in Australia, both beverage sellers and consumers have high enthusiasm and recognition for aluminum bottle packaging. In the eyes of consumers, with bright label patterns, aluminum bottle packaging looks very cool. Grost said, "the aluminum bottle packaging looks great! And in the Australian sun, aluminum bottle beer can keep our crown lager beer cooler for a longer time than glass bottle beer."

foster adopts the aluminum bottle provided by CCl container company. Ed Martin, vice president of sales at CCL containers, said: "Foster has also considered other packaging options, including PET bottles and shaped cans, but they finally decided to use our aluminum bottle packaging, because, like the North American market, aluminum bottle packaging can not only help sellers increase sales, but also its unique shape, high-end appearance and unique style can enhance crown lager's image of normal, safe and reliable high-end transmission sound."

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