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Reza crane: environmental protection services for China's clean energy construction

Reza crane: environmental protection services for China's clean energy construction

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in 2014, China's construction machinery industry entered the stage of adjustment, transformation, upgrading and innovative development. How to realize the transformation from product value to user value, how to enhance the brand anti risk ability of construction machinery products, and how to optimize the product structure, so as to enhance the competitive advantage of products, China's construction machinery industry and enterprises need to have more in-depth thinking in the enterprise development strategy

in the face of market competition and future product layout, Foton automobile began to focus on innovation in the construction machinery industry, integrate international resources according to the two-way goals of brand development and customer value, based on the domestic market and win the world market. At the same time, we should pay attention to sustainable development and comprehensively help the construction of clean energy such as wind energy, hydropower and nuclear power

on March 22, 2014, the "RESA crane clean energy construction equipment appreciation meeting" was held in Beijing. At the appreciation meeting, RESA crane showed its clean energy construction equipment, its excellent products and "low emission, non-contact, intelligent" factories to the public, so as to deal with the subject of environmental governance with innovative science and technology and help the construction of clean energy. At the same time, the "integrated technology and integrated value" series of product experience activities of Reza crane were also grandly launched, marking the further focus of Reza crane on customer value experience

integrated technology sets a new benchmark in the industry

it is understood that as one of the core members of Foton Automotive Group's new six strategic businesses, Reza crane, relying on Foton Automotive Group, has broken through the dilemma of product homogeneity and made a sudden rise. In just three years, with the help of Foton Automotive's powerful R & D, procurement, sales and service platform, it has gradually built its competitiveness with "R & D", "manufacturing" and "service" as the core, Form product advantages and brand advantages, realize strategic transformation and sustainable development, and boost Foton's "2020 strategy"

after three years of sharpening a sword, Reza crane combines German technology, integrates multinational technical teams and Foton automotive resources, and creates a full connotation of creating value for customers by virtue of its resource advantages that cannot be copied. In terms of product innovation, we will continue to innovate and devote ourselves to building FTC series truck cranes including ftc20k4-ii, ftc25k4-ii, ftc25k5-ii, ftc50k5-ii and ftc80k5-ii, and FQH series crawler dynamic compactors including fqh500 and fqh400, becoming a "dark horse" in the construction machinery industry

through the analysis of the customer value chain, Reza crane arranges the most concerned needs of customers, such as the ability of lifting equipment to work continuously, high work efficiency and low operation cost. Based on the leading technology in Germany, it has established a research and development center in Stuttgart, Germany, and many indicators such as fuel consumption, efficiency and safety are in line with European standards

launch of new products to promote the upgrading of industrial products

at the event site, Reza crane unveiled the latest series of products, including Reza ftc80tk5-ii truck crane, which adopts a new design concept and applies advanced design and analysis methods to optimize the design, making the products safer, more reliable and more advanced; Germany Rexroth technical route hydraulic system, proportion control, load sensitivity; The hoisting, luffing and telescopic systems are driven by two pumps; Reasonably matched hydraulic oil pump with large flow and multiple combination; Optimized hydraulic cylinder diameter and piston area ratio; Variable hydraulic motor with high-power automatic speed regulation and lifting mechanism of reasonably optimized and matched high-efficiency planetary reduction system. The application of this series of innovative technologies, the national development and Reform Commission also announced that before the end of the heating season, the luffing time of FTC series truck cranes will be 30%-50% less than that of competitive products, the boom extension time will be 30%-50% less than that of competitive products, the lifting speed will be 5%-10% higher than that of competitive products, and the comprehensive efficiency of cranes will be more than 30% higher than that of competitive products

at the same time, Reza crane has advanced engine electronic control technology, matches two different fuel injection control systems, regulates four different core characteristics, and automatically realizes the fast conversion between the two control systems through the power take-off switch according to the engine output characteristics customized according to the loading operation conditions, so as to realize the dual-mode control function of the whole vehicle. The fuel consumption of hoisting operation is reduced by 10%. Based on the operating condition of 10 liters of fuel consumption per hour, 2000 liters of diesel oil can be saved by working 2000 hours per year

adhering to the German Daimler chassis design platform and excellent design concept, FTC series truck crane relies on the mature supplier system of Foton Daimler, selects high-power engine, selects reasonable transmission speed ratio and drive axle speed ratio, and realizes the optimization and matching of powertrain. The maximum driving speed of the whole vehicle is 85km/h, which is 10km/h higher than that of competitive products, saving 10% of driving time. When transferring to another site, it is "one step faster". The maximum climbing capacity is more than 40%, which can adapt to complex and extreme road conditions

in addition, Reza fqh500 crawler type dynamic compactor has also attracted extensive attention of on-site users. The main arm of this product adopts the independent innovation patent hydraulic cylinder damping technology to prevent backward inclination, which effectively alleviates the impact of the sudden change of load on the system when decoupling. The vibration can be eliminated after the main arm rebounds once, which greatly shortens the preparation time for the next compaction and effectively improves the service life of structural parts and steel wire ropes. The self decoupling technology is innovatively designed to isolate the violent impact of the lifting system. The electronic universal experimental machine adopts the design of microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo valve loading and manual hydraulic loading, and the main body is separated from the control frame. The whole process is automatically detected and completed quickly. Detect the decoupling state, quickly and freely drop the hook, slow down the hook and other actions can achieve seamless connection, stable and fast, and higher efficiency. The same site conditions show that fqh500 dynamic compaction machine can achieve 1.4 times the compaction efficiency of competitive products in the industry, and the operation efficiency is leading in the industry

the main boom hydraulic cylinder damping system increases hydraulic damping when decoupling, and the boom vibration can be effectively controlled, effectively improving the service life of the boom, winch and steel wire rope. The innovative design of automatic decoupling technology isolates the impact on the lifting system and effectively improves the service life of boom, winch and hydraulic system. The hydraulic system adopts imported components with high reliability. A large number of experiments have verified that the design of the whole machine is gradually optimized, the engine and hydraulic system are well matched, the operation action is smooth and smooth, and the oil consumption of operation is effectively reduced by 10%-15%

Reza crane has built China's largest energy-saving electronic aluminum foil production line with a high starting point and high standards, such as Daimler and Cummins. It has actively participated in the infrastructure construction of the national wind power, nuclear power, hydropower and other clean energy industries, created a clean energy product line with green environmental protection, provided more environmentally friendly and energy-saving crane products, and adhered to the concept of "focusing on creating value for users", Focus on customer value, strive to build an integrated value chain of "integrated research and development, integrated design, integrated manufacturing, integrated sales and integrated services", provide users with value integrated products and service solutions, and effectively realize the extension of Foton's gold value chain. As a strategic brand of Foton automobile, Foton rexa crane will continue to integrate global advantageous scientific and technological resources, create more value for customers, promote the sustainable development of the industry with innovative ideas, and strive to become an excellent operator and service provider in the crane industry

in 2014, Reza crane held six "integrated technology and integrated value" product experience activities in Beijing, Shandong, Xi'an, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shanghai. The Beijing station launched this time is the first station. The whole activity runs through the whole year. At that time, it will bring the latest and most comprehensive product portfolio, the most attractive preferential policies, the most shocking on-site experience and the most unforgettable product experience

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