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LESA heavy machinery summer health tour was officially launched on the same day

LESA heavy machinery summer health tour was officially launched on the same day

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(July 12, 2017, Beijing, China). Bathed in a hot summer, driven by the national policy of steady growth, construction machinery ushered in a new round of construction peak season. In order to meet customers' needs for vehicle seasonal maintenance and strengthen the link of interaction with end users, Foton rexa heavy machinery, China's first heavy machinery brand, has continuously improved the level of humanized after-sales service, sounded the "full care, all the way worry free" rexa heavy machinery summer health line rally, and helped industry customers win the war, transformation and upgrading of an important turning point

in hot summer, we need to drink more water and keep heatstroke prevention products on hand to ensure our health, and so do our mechanical partners. During construction in summer, the high temperature environment will bring many problems to the operation of construction machinery, such as the "heart" engine, cooling system, hydraulic system, circuit and tire of the whole machine. There are various hidden dangers in the data with high elongation under high temperature. In order to "cool down" machinery and enhance "immunity", on July 12, Reza heavy machinery summer health travel activity was grandly launched in Beijing bfda experience center

at the event site, the senior leaders of Reza heavy machinery "presented the flag" ceremony and announced the official launch of the "send health" activity! It is reported that this "full care, all the way carefree" Reza crane summer health trip will last two months (July 10 - September 10). Based on the actual needs of customers, combined with the focus of summer engineering machinery maintenance, through free maintenance of air conditioners to supplement refrigerant, free filtering of hydraulic oil for cranes, giving health gift bags and other comprehensive care, it will bring "health" benefits to crane customers all over the country, and reduce the failure rate, Keep the machine in the best condition, so that users can safely and efficiently display their "fist and foot", and ensure the mechanical performance and construction efficiency

"as an enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, marketing and service of construction machinery, Reza heavy machinery insists on improving its service to make the service more timely and convenient while continuously investing in R & D and ensuring continuous innovation of product technology, so as to make Reza a long-term partner trusted by customers, and build the ultimate service into the most respected model of Reza in the global construction machinery industry." In his speech at the event, Mr. Luo Peng, general manager of Reza heavy machinery marketing company, made a high summary of the ingenious service of Reza heavy machinery. He said: first, continuous service investment, establish a real service system, and constantly upgrade and improve; Second, innovative service products help customers improve the level of equipment use and create greater value; Moreover, TCD centered service upgrades throughout the customer's life cycle are more comprehensive, meticulous and thoughtful, so that customers can really rest assured. "Reza heavy machinery made the original intention with ingenuity. Excellent product performance, 24-hour and 24-hour service guarantee, like service points and substantial spare parts reserves, professional and efficient guarantee have all supported the service commitment and confidence of Reza customers all over the country. This is also an important reason for the rising sales and public praise of Reza heavy machinery at home and abroad."

it is reported that under the torrent of integrating construction machinery into "Internet +", Reza heavy machinery actively innovates the service mode. Customers can register members through the mobile app to apply for repair, and enjoy free health activities conveniently and quickly, taking the lead in the "Internet Era". After the launching ceremony, various wonderful activities will be staged in turn throughout the country, and a new round of competition for after-sales service strength of construction machinery will also be launched at that time

nowadays, the recovery of China's construction machinery industry is in progress, and it is developing vigorously. Users' attention to machinery has also changed from pure "comparison" of vehicle purchase price to comprehensive "competition" of total operating costs, which requires that the after-sales service of heavy machinery manufacturers be more humanized. "Don't give cool in summer, Reza gives health care all the way without worry". As the "Star" of the super 441.3 heavy machinery in the industry, Reza heavy machinery summer health travel activities carefully tap the needs of users through the all-round linkage between agents, suppliers and host manufacturers, and ensure the "fresh launch" of construction machinery with convenient experience, preferential products, professional technology and humanized services, It is conducive to the smooth attendance of customer equipment in the beginning of the year and in the future

this is an era of restructuring the logic of after-sales service of construction machinery. We look forward to the summer health tour of Reza heavy machinery in all parts of the country, so that more end-users can experience the super products and leading service values derived from "great power heavy equipment"; It is also expected that Reza heavy machinery will continue to build China's leading professional service system around the full value chain of the whole vehicle life cycle, become a super benchmark for leading China's construction machinery industry to cope with the challenges of modern production and market competition, and reshape the new pattern of the operating value chain of the heavy machinery industry

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