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Rex lighting cooperated with the police to crack down on counterfeiting and cracked 145million counterfeiting cases

recently, another large-scale group counterfeiting Rex products case was successfully cracked, involving an amount of about 145million. In order to safeguard the vital interests of consumers, do a good job of the strong backing of Rex dealers, and maintain the healthy development of the industry, Rex has made great efforts to crack down on counterfeiting and safeguard rights, and achieved exciting results

145million extra large case of counterfeit Rex products was successfully closed

recently, Rex group, together with the police in Chongqing and Zhongshan, cracked a extra large case of counterfeit Rex products, involving an amount of about 145million yuan

on November 29, 2018, under the guidance of the anti counterfeiting corps of Chongqing Municipal Bureau, Chongqing Fuling District Public Security Bureau and the legal affairs center of Rex group set up a "11.29" task force to file and investigate the gang selling counterfeit products in Fuling District. After a month of fighting day and night, it successfully closed the case with Zhongshan police at 4 a.m. on January 8, 2019

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the police of the two places arrested 24 suspect in Chongqing, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing and other places respectively, destroyed 5 fake factories and 8 storage dens, seized 15 production lines, 3 large-scale production machines, more than 70 small-scale machines, seized 11700 boxes of finished lamps and lanterns such as fake Rex tube lamps, spotlights, ceiling lamps, as well as light sources Lamp bead with "NVC "There are 13million identification accessories, 5.7 million trademark logos and anti-counterfeiting QR codes are seized, and 110 various molds are seized. It is preliminarily estimated that the value of the goods in this case is more than 27 million yuan, and the total amount involved in the whole case is about 145million yuan.

the light source packaging factory, hardware parts factory, plastic parts factory, abrasive tool maintenance shop, assembly workshop and other counterfeiting links of the gang can be seen from the lower part of the force measuring cylinder. This time, all the attacks have been taken and the gang has been pulled out The entire production root system has successfully destroyed the entire production chain, effectively curbed the reproduction capacity, severely cracked down on criminals, and safeguarded the corporate brand image and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers

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Wang Donglei, chairman of Rex group, congratulated the company on the successful completion of the case. Fortunately, the equipment has a long service life, and asked to expand the achievements and dig deep into sales. In the process of investigating the case, president Zhang Peng of the group made several instructions to "overcome difficulties and fight them out", coordinated the resources of various departments, mobilized more than 70 people to participate in the anti-counterfeiting action, and entrusted general manager Lin Song of the legal affairs center of Rex group to visit the resident of the task force, which is still a blank to visit the police officers of the task force and the staff of Rex group. On the eve of the collection, Lin Song, general manager of the legal affairs center of Rex group, came to the scene in person to coordinate with the police in repeated deliberation and careful deployment

previously, Wang Donglei, chairman of Rex group, said that to effectively protect the trademark and brand from infringement is to safeguard the fundamental interests of the long-term development of Rex. On the road of the development of Rex, the fight against counterfeiting is related to the rise and fall of Rex and the long-term development of the brand. As a long-term strategy, les Roches will comprehensively and thoroughly carry out joint rights protection and anti counterfeiting work nationwide

review of Rex's rights protection and crackdown on counterfeiting

in recent years, in the LED lighting industry, some criminals who make fake and shoddy products have taken the lead in producing and selling fake and shoddy products, which has seriously damaged the vital rights and interests of consumers and dealers, the healthy development of the industry and the normal market operation of enterprise brands. As a well-known brand in the LED lighting industry, "Rex lighting" is deeply disturbed by its high brand value, high added value and high counterfeiting profit

to this end, Rexroth continued to carry out anti-counterfeiting work, set up a special anti-counterfeiting team, and jointly attacked with the public security organs and judicial departments. Through the network and offline sales channels, it sorted out, analyzed, and dug clues, and took multiple measures from the source of fake goods and the end market to crack down on the infringement of counterfeiting, counterfeiting, and so on

in 2017, Rex group cracked down on more than 40 criminal cases of counterfeiting and infringement

among them, we will crack down on the production and sales gangs led by Wang, Jing and Li in the northern region, and the production and sales gangs led by Jin, Guo, Zhao and Chen in the eastern region

in June 2017, the Rex lighting crackdown team launched a large-scale cluster case in Zhengzhou, involving Henan, Beijing, Anhui, Tianjin, Hebei and other provinces. A total of 13 people were arrested before and after this series of cases, and the number of lamps involved reached more than 10 million yuan

on December 11, 2017, a production dens worth nearly 5 million yuan was hit in Zhaoqing

in 2018, 29 criminal cases of counterfeiting and infringement were cracked down, involving a total amount of 150million yuan

in April, 2018, Rex launched "net action" on the Internet platform, cracking down on many stores selling Rex counterfeit products in Henglan, Zhongshan, Shanghai, Changzhou and other places in Guangdong Province, cracking down on 3 production dens through stores, confiscating counterfeit products of more than 1.1 million yuan on site, and confiscating Internet sales of more than 3.4 million yuan

in June, 2018, from the production dens in Foshan to the sales offices in Changzhou and Hefei, the three places took action at the same time, arrested 7 suspect on the scene, and seized a total of about 1.7 million yuan of inventory products. Among them, more than 300000 yuan of counterfeit products were seized at a construction site in Hefei. After the seizure of counterfeit products at the construction site, the staff of the market maintenance department of the legal affairs center of Rex group coordinated to sell more than 400000 yuan of authentic products to the construction site through Anhui operation center

Rex group will continue to strengthen the market crackdown on counterfeits, and set up a special crackdown on counterfeits to protect the personal safety of informants by anonymous reporting. Les Roches calls on all channels to actively report. Once verified, les Roches will widely use fatigue experiments in aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, metallurgy, construction and other industries to give cash rewards to whistleblowers; At the same time, Rex reminds consumers to buy products through formal channels

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