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Reza heavy machinery team is ready to attack Shanghai BMW exhibition

Reza heavy machinery team is ready to attack Shanghai BMW exhibition

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Bauma China 2016 (Shanghai BMW exhibition) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on November 22 to make the sample clamping more reliable and grand. As a green power leader, Reza Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. brought its star products of mixer trucks and cranes to the exhibition. During the exhibition, Reza heavy machinery will launch its first heavy-duty new product - ftc55q5 truck crane and the industry's first lightweight concrete mixer, which is expected to set off a "national five green whirlwind" in the construction machinery industry

The ftc55q5 truck crane, which will be launched at the exhibition this time, inherits the cutting-edge technology of German Daimler chassis and the new generation of slewing flow control technology, and can be upgraded based on the size of the original vehicle's investment range, It can be said that it integrates "safety and reliability, economic and environmental protection, high-end quality" and truly realizes "super performance, super reliability, super efficiency, super energy saving, super safety". If China carries out tariff anti coloring on wood pulp from the United States, ftc55q5 truck crane is not only the upgrading of product technology and quality, but also brings rich value to customers

in addition, it is worth paying attention to the first appearance of Reza heavy machine lightweight concrete mixer. With the implementation of overload regulations and the promotion of punishment and governance, Reza heavy machinery complied with the policy and launched the first regulatory mixer with the lightest vehicle weight in the world and the largest sales volume in the market. The front and side of the cab have strong anti-collision ability and comply with the strictest safety EEC regulations in Europe. On the premise of protecting the driver's life safety to the greatest extent, the weight of the whole vehicle is the lightest in the industry, with a year-on-year reduction of more than 5% in the weight of other competitive vehicles in the industry. Realize the five breakthroughs of "super reliability, super efficiency, super energy saving, super safety and super comfort", ensure the safety performance of the whole vehicle, and put an end to the tragedy of overload

at present, the star products of rexa heavy machinery BMW exhibition team have been completely assembled, waiting for your review! " Li Chao also believes that here, Reza heavy machinery sincerely invites all guests to visit booth j.36 for guidance. Reza Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is looking forward to discussing development plans with industry elite friends and jointly leading the "green" development of the industry! (this article is from Reza Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.)

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