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RFID development: the concept popularization acceleration standard has attracted the most attention

summary in the past year, although the data given by many analysis institutions are different, there is no doubt that the development of the global RFID market has begun to accelerate. Although the RFID market has not experienced explosive growth, some changes in market development in 2006 have brought great hope to people. The development of RF

ID technology in China is in its infancy. Compared with the global market, the Chinese market with great potential is quite unique

concept popularization and application are accelerated synchronously

China's RFID market has been restricted by problems such as undetermined standards, high costs, and small application scale. However, as far as RFID technology is concerned, its biggest gain in 2006 was to accelerate the popularization of the concept in China. At the same time, the commercial application of RFID in the world and China has also made some progress

"2006 was a year full of expectations in the RFID industry." Ouyangyu, Secretary General of RFID industry alliance, said in an interview with China Electronics News. He explained that such expectations include market expectations, standards expectations, and government financial support. The white paper on China's RFID technology policy issued in June 2006 is the most authoritative and representative document to interpret China's RFID industry policy and technology. In general, the concept of RFID technology has penetrated into various application fields in the middle of 2006

in terms of application, there have been positive changes in the Chinese market. Qiu Qi, the Secretariat of the RFID industry alliance, said that in 2006, the application of RFID technology in some fields has made some progress, such as intelligent transportation, personnel positioning, ticketing, food traceability and other fields. Mayongqing, business development manager of RFID Greater China of zebra Technology Asia Pacific Co., Ltd., said in an interview with China Electronic News: "2006 is a year of RFID growth. From the introduction of concepts in the past to the real application today, RFID technology has experienced a qualitative change in the Chinese market. After everyone has a deeper understanding of RFID technology, more people are eager to try. Shanghai Bailian is a typical 'first crab eater'. RFID is bringing practical benefits to more and more people."

globally, RFID has maintained a good momentum of development. In an interview with China Electronics News, Wang Min, general manager of INTERMEC China, said that after several years of gestation, the development pace of the RFID market in 2006 was significantly accelerated by eight professional after-sales engineers, which have expanded in both scale and application fields. Wang Min believes that the driving force for the development of RFID market comes from two aspects: on the one hand, some large enterprises take the lead and require their business partners to cooperate in the use of RFID in order to achieve the economic benefits brought by large-scale RFID deployment. For example, Wal Mart, Metro and other large retailers require their Italian Castel stop valve suppliers to use the same RFID standard equipment in order to obtain synergy; On the other hand, more and more different industries gradually understand the benefits that RFID can bring, and then spontaneously apply RFID technology. In 2006, the driving force from this aspect gradually became stronger

however, it is worth noting that RFID is not entirely good news in China. Ouyangyu said that due to undetermined standards and high costs, companies that cannot make ends meet account for a certain proportion of companies seeking all-round development in this promising industry. In contrast, some companies with roots in a certain field have made great gains, such as those serving in the fields of hazardous chemicals management and coal management. In addition, some companies hovering on the edge of RFID technology are eager to try and intend to intervene in this industry as soon as possible

opportunities outweigh challenges in 2007

"the RFID market in 2007 will be a watershed," ouyangyu said, "Companies with projects and technologies will develop rapidly in this year, while smaller companies without projects will face the fate of closing down or being acquired. The driving force of the domestic market will mainly rely on projects with government background, such as second-generation identity from the perspective of research, wastewater and exhaust emission permits, coal safety management, bus card applications, etc. as many ministries and commissions have begun to pay attention to the application and promotion of RFID, I believe that the market in 2007 will be A year full of hope. At the same time, new technologies will continue to emerge. For example, the cost of labels without chips produced by nano silicon ink technology can be reduced to 5 cents. In this way, the field of RFID application will be greatly increased. "

with the development of RFID technology and the improvement of attention, some enterprises in China have begun to independently develop RFID products, such as Tsinghua Tongfang, Shanghai Huahong, Fudan Microelectronics, etc. Ma Yongqing believes that how to integrate technology and industry will become a very important issue. He said, "from foreign experience, excellent system integrators should have good cooperation with the terminal market, and vice versa. For example, IBM and Oracle, as system integrators, have the support of Wal Mart, bestbuy and other market terminals. The development of the entire RFID industry should not be promoted by a single project or a single manufacturer, but by the joint promotion of manufacturers and users."

mayongqing believes that now everyone is preparing before the starting line. As soon as the RFID national standard is issued, it's like hearing a gunshot and everyone starts to sprint. The more you prepare, the more powerful you are, and the faster you can run. He said: "At present, we are actively promoting the development of RFID projects with Chinese characteristics, especially those with the background of government promotion. Haier, a well-known Chinese enterprise, has registered as a member of EPC. In 2007, more and more Chinese enterprises will join EPC, which will greatly promote the development of China's RFID Market. For Zebra, at present, many large and medium-sized Chinese manufacturing enterprises have been our customers of bar code printers, which also gives us some suggestions It provides an excellent opportunity to develop RFID. The RFID market needs us to work with our partners to promote, and zebra will strengthen cooperation in this regard in 2007. "

for the most promising application fields in the Chinese market in 2007, ouyangyu believes that for the domestic market, RFID will be mainly used in the following fields: traffic vehicle management, fire equipment management, coal safety management, container logistics management, parcel management, urban public facilities management, medical management, livestock breeding management, agricultural products management, food safety management, airport baggage management, etc. Mayongqing believes that the logistics and retail sectors will be the expected application markets this year. In addition to logistics, Wang Min also regards transportation, manufacturing and government departments as the most potential application departments

it is worth noting that RFID technology itself will also achieve certain development in 2007. Ma Yongqing said, "in 2006, some chip and antenna manufacturers have developed ultra-high frequency (UHF) that can be read in water and on metal." label. It can be predicted that RFID will also have a technological breakthrough in the field of UHF in 2007. In particular, due to the introduction of Gen2 standard, the tag reading rate has made a qualitative leap. Most customers who try RFID can accept Gen2. The effective reading distance is related to the applied environment and articles. It is hoped that the label manufacturer can clean the antirust oil applied during packaging and develop products suitable for more articles and environments. At present, the security of RFID can meet the requirements of most application environments. "

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