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Australian RFID has great potential

the Queensland Branch of the Australian Institute of packaging has recently held an RFID seminar with the theme of letting participants hear about the real application of RFID in Australia

rfid can be said to be the most popular vocabulary at present. The seminar of the Institute of goods packaging can allow participants to have face-to-face discussions. This kind of open seminar ensures that participants can ask questions directly, and speakers should answer every question quickly and honestly

the following are the more difficult questions to answer above the seminar:

limitations of ID Application

2. What are the current restrictions on RFID frequency in Australia

how much does the ID project really cost

Whether ID and barcode can coexist

the relationship between ID experts and IT companies, traditional and new data acquisition companies

how does the ID system work

the organizer of this seminar is Scott Austin, the director manager of sunshine technologies, who has been engaged in RFID application projects in Australia for many years. Austin was very frank in answering questions. He publicly admitted that there are still many difficulties in the development of RFID. Unlike the annealing of PC shaped products, many domestic enterprises in Australia have adopted RFID technology, which has shown great potential. Austin said, "China is by far the world's largest machinery and equipment market." generally speaking, RFID products are more suitable for high-end consumers, such as tracking the movement of valuables in circulation, animal tracking, inventory confirmation and control with the expansion of new assembly business. Contactless RFID smart cards are also being promoted in guard management, credit payment and other aspects. "

"With the decline of the overall cost of RFID, the application of RFID in manufacturing plants, production lines, warehouses, logistics centers, pathology laboratories and pharmaceutical companies has become more and more realistic. It is indeed a cost-effective method for accurately tracking and finding items. In the past few years, the cost of RFID tags has fallen sharply. Although RFID is still not suitable for low-end consumer goods, RFID has become more and more popular for many Australian companies More and more realistic. "

according to Austin, any new technology user has an acceptance process. But remember, RFID is not a new technology, it has appeared in World War II, and it is a mature technology

he said: "There is nothing new about RFID. If someone tells you that RFID is a new technology, you should be alert to who is telling you. RFID is just a receiver, a transmitter, an antenna and a chip. No other technology can bring such huge business and benefits to Australia. I can't believe that there is a company that doesn't need to track or find the location of products in the circulation link. RFID can quickly and accurately understand Solve this problem, and anyone can use RFID to solve their own unique problems. "

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