CRRC Beijing heavy industry launched a new type of

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CRRC Beijing heavy industry launched a new type of rotary digging cluster DTH hammer

CRRC Beijing heavy industry launched a new type of rotary digging cluster DTH hammer

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CRRC continues to innovate and has a long way to go. Increase research and development efforts and investment, and constantly launch new products suitable for the current market - rotary digging cluster DTH hammer

rotary cluster DTH hammer

it is reported that the rotary cluster DTH hammer is a kind of high-efficiency drill bit for construction into rock. In rock with a hardness of more than 50MPa and won the Platts Global Energy annual breakthrough solution award that year, the pile hole construction is the best. It can adapt to various construction environments, and can be used for dry hole construction or water hole construction. The construction of DTH hammer requires compressed air. The greater the air pressure, the higher the flow, The higher the construction efficiency, the faster the hard rock drilling speed can be achieved

rotary digging cluster DTH hammer

this product is suitable for solving the problem of large-diameter rock entry. Its product features: the single body of cluster DTH hammer realizes pneumatic reciprocating drilling, and the overall realization of large-area pile hole drilling with high availability. It has the advantages of high-strength frame, more compact and reliable high-strength processing precision and high sealing structure. In addition, the product has high maintainability, and the DTH hammer has a locking connection mode of anti rotation and anti shaking. In addition, it can perfectly match the drill pipe of ordinary rotary drilling rig without any change. It is applicable to rotary drilling rigs of various models and manufacturers, friction drill pipes, double pin shaft square heads, DTH hammer bits and ordinary bits, which can be replaced and used at any time. It saves costs for customers and improves construction efficiency

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