On containers and their types

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Briefly speaking, containers and their types

containers refer to large-scale packaging containers that can be loaded with several cargo transportation packages, sales packages or a large number of bulk goods at one time. It is not only the transportation package of goods, but also an integral part of means of transportation

the international organization for standardization stipulates that containers should meet the following five conditions: they have sufficient strength and can be used repeatedly; During transit, the goods in the box can be changed directly without moving; Facilitate the full loading and unloading of goods; It can carry out rapid loading and unloading and facilitate the conversion of transportation means; It has an internal volume of more than lm3. Containers have been serialized internationally, with a total of 13 standard specifications in three series. There are 7 kinds in the first series; There are three kinds of the second series; There are three kinds of the third series. The first and second series are "another thing worth mentioning is the carrying container"; The third series is "storage containers"

There are many kinds of containers, which can be generally classified as follows

(1) according to the materials used:

① steel containers. It has the advantages of high strength, high rigidity, easy welding, good water tightness and low price, but it has poor corrosion resistance and high quality

the reducer ② stainless steel container should be cleaned. It has beautiful appearance, strong corrosion resistance, durability, but the cost is high

③ FRP containers. It has high strength, good rigidity, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, easy cleaning, large effective volume, but poor durability

④ aluminum alloy container. It has beautiful appearance, small quality and good corrosion resistance, but its strength is relatively

(2) classification by purpose:

① general purpose container. This is a closed container, which is the main body of the container and can carry general dry groceries

② insulated container. It is padded on the box wall with thermal insulation materials for packaging and transportation of items that need to be frozen or insulated

③ special containers. Containers manufactured for loading some special items, such as open top containers, folding containers, animal containers, animal skin containers, etc

(2. Ball screw: the screws currently used by the tensile testing machine include ball screw and trapezoidal screw 3) classified according to the way of loading and unloading goods:

classified according to this way: side loading and unloading type, turnover loading and unloading type, lining unloading type and pressure type, etc

(4) classification by structure:

classification by structure is open top type, roofless type, convertible top type, one end open door type, two end open door type, folding type and frame type, etc

(5) classification by loading weight:

it can be divided into large, medium and small containers by loading weight, with a loading weight of 5~30t

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